Character Creation Submission

For this rotation task, we were briefed to create a rough colour thumbnail and make a character turn around (Front View and Side View) in Adobe Photoshop. We began the planning for our characters on Monday, when we were tasked to sketch at least 5 images of the rough ideas we had in mind.

We were given three prompts to go with, ‘Winter’, a scarf that was put on the table, and the song Land Down Under by Men at Work. I chose Winter and the scarf, and went with a World War One soldier guy that I had done a rough sketch of earlier in the Monday class. I started out with a colour plan (Second picture down), colours that I envisioned to be on the character, looked at how the colours looked painted out digitally, created a new colour palette (Third picture down), then got to work in Photoshop, tracing older drawings and creating new assets such as the rifle and the scarf itself (which was photographed on the table).